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◕‿◕ Colours Of My Life ◕‿◕

By : N.S

Profile updated! *throws confetti and party crackers!!!! (^-^) after a long time..hahaha..well here it goes!

Hey guys,it's me! Yeah..you know me right =b okay..for those who are really curious about my name i will tell only the initials..which is N.S. =b or you guys can call me by my lj name ElevenOne or by my nick name, Pika!

My purpose in LJ???!!!! Because of my Arashi, Johnny's WEST & the whole Johnny's Entertainment fandom!!! hahaha *so my post and most of the community that I join is full of that fandom =b don't be mad..hehe *grin

So...run out of idea now..haha...anyway if you guys want to add me as a friend just click the add friend button! haha..especially those who are in the same boat as me..haha *JE fans!

Yoroshiku ne~ *bye-bye