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09 April 2018 @ 08:42 am

Or should I say Spring Clearance? 🌸 haha
Anyways I will be having some spring sale for my Arashi 嵐 concert goods! Some of them are really rare 😲 Please have a look!

Yoroshiku 🌸

28 November 2017 @ 10:23 pm

[Want To Sale] WTS

Arashi Past Concert Goods SALE
[嵐 ふくぶくろ]
ONLY for Malaysian resident.

BOX 1 [RM 70.00] SOLD
•1 Concert goodies
•1 Waku-Waku Gakkou goodies

BOX 2 [RM 100.00] SOLD
• 1 Concert goodies
• 1 Waku-Waku Gakkou goodies
• 1 Group Mini Uchiwa

BOX 3 [RM 150.00] SOLD
• 1 Tote bag
• 2 concert goodies
• 1 Waku-Waku  Gakkou goodies
• 1 Group Mini Uchiwa

BOX 4 [RM 250.00]
• 1 Tote bag
• 2 Concert goodies
• 1 Waku-Waku Gakkou goodies
• 1 Arashi Unofficial Photobook
• 1 Group Mini Uchiwa

BOX 5 [RM 250.00]
• 1 Tote bag
• 2 Concert goodies
• 1 Waku-Waku Gakkou goodies
• 1 Arashi Unofficial Photobook
• 1 Group Mini Uchiwa

Please take your time to read this sale details.

Thank you~

Hey minna~
I decided to let go some of my 嵐 concert goods because I wanna do some year end clearance.

I will sell my 嵐 goodies in bulk and like a 'Fukubukuro' or lucky random box type.

Which means that you will get random goodies for a fix amount of price.

I will state the price of the box with number of goodies that you will get.

The price of the box does NOT inlcude the postage. You will have to add RM 10 for the postage to SM and RM12 to SS.

I will include the picture of the goodies that you will get in the thread but REMEMBER that the item you receive will be random.
Once will slots for the box is taken, I will cross it from the sale list.


For any further info or question please PM me here at LJ or you can contact me at my Twitter which is fiqa_yagiza.

Thank you minna~ ❤

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JASMINE~ You guys certainly know what day is today right???!!!!

はまちゃん.... さあ。。。どぞう


Yay!!! It's your happy day today, right Hama-chan???!!!!

Happy 27th Birthday my ikemen Kansai guy !!!!

I fell in love with your boke-ness  xD

But you also have a cool side! (Hagiwara Kai) Please show it more!

But the main thing that make you my ichiban in Johnny's WEST  is.....

Your SMILE !!!!

Once again, Happy Birthday Hama-chan! May you have a blast birthday today!


Akito-kun... I really envy you...hahaha

First this..

And the most Kyaa-ing moment!!!!

Kiss attack!!!! Lol..Hahahaha

Poor Hama-chan but I wish to be in Akito-kun place xD lol

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An early surprise entry. 大丈夫ですか?どう? (>.<)


[どぞう~]リーダー の たんじょうび 

So…yeah…it’s that time for this month! It’s that guy birthday!!! Emmmm…who is it again???

Hahahaha…yup it’s him! And he will be 35 this year!! Are you sure you are 35 Oh-chan???!!! Hahahaha

Surely doesn’t look like it to me…Hahaha…Our forever young Ossan! (>.<)

Oh-chan! おたんじょうび おめでとう!I still can't believe that you're already 35! Hahaha
Many things happen this year right...Nevertheless, I will keep supporting you in what ever that you are doing now and for the future as well... (^.^) Keep being just the way you are...ずっと~

Honestly I don't know what else to write..hahahaha

So here a bunch of Oh-chan gifs!!!! Kakkoii, sweet, funny and all things about our beloved Ridaa!!!

Okay~ That's all for the gifs!!! Hahaha

Last but not least, what should we say Ridaa????!!!!

バイバイ~~~ (>.<)v

(p/s: some of the gifs are not mine, credit to the rightful owner. どもう ありがとう ございます。)

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31 August 2013 @ 11:50 am
Well this entry is gonna be filled with pics...(^^,) Brace yourself.....

My Concerts Goods (including Waku-Waku)

My keitai strap (BW, Scene & 5x10)
BW Penlight
BW Mini Uchiwa
Arafes Goods
Misanga, Mini Towel & Can Badge
Arafes Uchiwa
DSC_0683 (3)
DSC_0686 (3)

My DVDs Collection

5x10 Best Clips
5x10 Anniversary Tour
Scene Stadium
Scene Dome
Arafes 2012

Unofficial Photobooks


Actually I have a magazine (TV PIA,July) that have Arashi as the cover but I forgot to edit it....hehehe..Oh well, maybe next time okay~

That's my Arashi collection so far....hehehe..I know it maybe be only a little cause I'm kinda the bimbo Arashi fan...hahahaha
But all the money is worth it !!!!! So guys, keep supporting our boys okay!!! (^^,)v
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22 August 2013 @ 10:28 pm
It's been like 5 months since my last post...hahahaha..well, let's hope that I don't do this again...well nothing much but for the post I'm gonna post about my Arashi stuff like DVD and concert goods..well it's mostly pictures...(^^,) Finish editing all the pics and will post it around this week..this time is for real...PROMISE!
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03 February 2013 @ 01:35 am
    Okay, i know it's been a while since my last post here... but, what to do ??? I'm just so busy with my real life... It's been hard lately.... That's all i can say....Hard in a good way, no worries guys... =) Just have to stay strong...that's all

    Last time i promise to do a post sharing my Arashi collection, right ??? Well, since i'm on a little break & have some free time, i will do it this week !!! Yay!!!
*dancing around*

    I will make a post sharing my concert item first... If i can make it, i will also post about my dvd collection.. =) ... Hope i can post the journal within this week... We'll see....

    So, that's all minna... Wait for my next post okay ??? Jaa~~~
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25 November 2012 @ 05:22 am
  Yip x2 .... Just gonna do a quick post cuz i don't have time to do loooonnngggg entry... Gomen... Actually i wanted to do a post showing my ARASHI stuff but ..... Hiihhhhh~~~~ that's all i can say.... I will try to do it in the future... Promise !!!
I'm outta ~~~ Chhhoowwww~~~  
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21 September 2012 @ 10:09 pm


  Yup !!!! Time to get hyped minna !!! Cuz ….. it's ARAFES week !!! Hehehe.... Everyone is excited right ??? I'm sure you guys have read a lot of reports regarding the concert. Well, me too !! Hehehe... Just by reading the reports, the concert really seems amazing and fun too !!! The Kokuritsu is filled with “orange” for 2 days. I've seen pictures of it, really sugoi~~~~ Can't say anything else (^__^)

  From the reports that I’ve read, there were a lot of surprises during the whole concert. First and foremost, ARASHI will release a new album on 31st October, title POPCORN. The name of the album is cute,isn't ??? The album will include a total of 16 tracks and it comes in Limited Edition & Regular Edition. It's already available for preorder at CdJapan. Just go here, http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/ to start ordering for your own copy. In the concert, they even put on some silly but cute popcorn outfit to promote the album (^__^). Second, they will start a new tour through 5 major domes in Japan, starting in November. If I'm not mistaken, the title of tour is Arashi Live Tour Popcorn. Popcorn will have different meaning from now on for Arashi fans like us...hehehehe (^__^)v

  When I first heard about the news, I was really excited !!! Yup, a new album and tour, which Arashi fans doesn't like that ???? =P OK, let's get back with the concert. For this concert, the fans get to vote on the songs that they want Arashi to sing. The result of the voting was, this is for the singles : No.1 Face Down (yay !!! My favorite Arashi song this year), No.2 Wild At Heart, No.3 Truth, No.4 PIKA★★NCHI DOUBLE, No.5 A.ra.shi (yup, this song is a must in any concert), No.6 Happiness, No.7 Monster, No.8 Step and Go, No.9 Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi, & No.10 Love so Sweet ( my all time favorite Arashi single !!! ). Look at the pic below for the full list of ARAFES songs on 20/9.


  Movin' on, I also received news about the UraAra Mania album. The album is consist of 4 Cd’s . Hontou ni sugoi !!! And of course, the theme colour for the cd is the same with ARAFES, orange. The cd also have a secret talk. Uwahhh ~~~ Lucky for the people who bought the cd. You guys can search for the picture of the cd.

  As you guys know, I also have order my ARAFES goods from a buyer at LJ. She just update that she was able to get all the orders. Yay !!! I'm getting my goods. It must be hard for her to queue in the long line to buy the goods. I've seen the picture of the people lined to buy the goods, and all I can say is that the line is really, really ridiculously long !!!!! A big THANKS for her is the word that I can say (^__^). For this concert, I'm buying the tote bag, mini towel and can badge set a. I place the order before I get to see the preview of the goods. After I saw pics of the goods, I'm regretting not buying the wrist band and uchiwa. Well, the seller said that she does have some extra goods, so maybe I can check if she have an extra for those items.

  Did you guys notice ????? I'm guessing yes !!! Yup, for this entry, I'm using the A.M.N.O.S colour + the ARAFES colour !!!! (^__^)v. Just want to do something special for this entry. Actually, I don't want to write much about the ARAFES cause you guys can read about it in many other journals especially on LJ or Tumblr. I wasn't at the concert so I can't tell more details about it. Just go to http://arashi-on.livejournal.com to read about the reports of the concert. Lastly, I'm hoping there will be a DVD for ARAFES. It will be a must have item for me !!!! Okay, that's all for this entry. It's quite a lot, right ?? Hehehe.... It's all because of ARAFES !!!! Bye-bye ~~~~~ v(^__^)v *agepoyo* ~~~


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19 September 2012 @ 02:59 pm

HELP ME !!!!!

  Seriously, I’m begging right now....huhuhuhuhu.... (T__T)....Can anyone help me ???? What I need to do to improve my English ????? I'm really stressed out right now... My speaking exam is just around the corner.... Really worry about it... Then, in November, I will sit for my reading, listening and writing exam ….. MUET OH DEAR MUET …. What will I do about you ????

  Hehehehhe..... Haaaaaaaaaa..... Sorry for the sudden '' in distressed shout out ''. Just want to share about my feeling right now . F.Y.I , MUET stands for Malaysia Universities English Test. Yup, this exam is a must for me. Gotta get at least upper Band 3....So, I have to keep practicing my English.... Help me, kay minna !!!!! Actually, posting on this journal also had improved my English a lot. It also boost up my confidence level when I’m speaking in English.

  Okay, I think that's all for this entry.... Maybe I’m gonna write about ARAFES

in the next entry... Yup, I’ve already preorder my goods for the ARAFES CONCERT !!!

Really, really excited about it !!!!! Theme colour : ORANGE .. Yay, among my favorite colour !!!! I've seen the preview of the goods and I’m really pleased with it. Just wish that I had order a lot more...hehehe... Well,never mind … Still happy with the item that I had order... I'll write more about ARAFES later.... K, bye-bye for now ~~~~

Info about the Muet exam ===> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysian_University_English_Test

(If you guys are curious about it..hehehehe)

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